What We Do

Flexible, premium quality turn-key exhibition solutions from one team working under one roof

Strategy + Design + Creative

  • Premier design talent + MBA level business advisory
  • Consultation and exhibition strategy advisory
  • In-house (3D) stand design, layout and concept generation
  • Graphic design and adaptation
  • Specific show footprint design or general concept
  • Design incorporates all exhibition rules and regulations
  • All technical, electrical, graphic drawings
  • Completely custom and uniquely engineered displays, product demonstrations, or showcases – creativity brought to life

Project Management

Our project managers are your link to our elite, in-house production and service team.

  • Project timeline development and milestones
  • Coordinates with venue and other vendors, suppliers, and partners
  • Obtains all approvals and certifications required
  • Streamlines and advises on all decision points allowing for stress-free client input
  • Works closely with our in-house technical directors, constructors, and electricians to develop all required plans and drawings
  • Handles all special requests
  • Supervises manufacturing of stand components at our facility
  • Manages all packing, logistics, storage
  • Works with construction crew onsite
  • Conducts client orientation of stand, and hands over keys
  • Contact point during the show for follow-up requests
  • Ensures proper disassembly and retrograde

Production + Manufacturing

World-class craftsmen and women operating in a cutting-edge manufacturing facility, right within our offices. Your project manager sits 15 steps from the production of your stand. We are fervent technophiles and invest accordingly:

Fully-Staffed Graphics and Print Studio to provide vivid color prints on carefully selected materials in addition to foils, plexiglass, PVC cut-outs and stickers. We can even offer graphics preparation to supplement your internal capabilities.

Self-contained paint studio to apply luxury spray finishing for our most discerning clients. Spray finish is among the highest available quality, and very few are able to offer it.

Machinery right on the carpentry floor:

  • Homag Weeke Optimat BHC Venture 4M CNC machining center to drill, cut and mill in 5-axis. We use this device primarily for profiling and precision milling circles, ellipses, letters, curves and other irregular shapes.
  • Homag Holzma Optimat HPL 380 CNC center for flat materials. Equipped with an automatic feeding device for a faster flow, air table for easier handling and optimization program that generates the smallest possible pruning (can cut up to 5 sheets at a time).
  • Homag Brandt KDF 650 banding machine for ABS and solid wood edging; equipped with a full automatic adjustment for all aggregates.Speed ​​pasting is up to 18 m / m while maintaining high quality.
  • Houfek Bulldog 1100 RC wide belt sander for calibrating and sanding plate parts up to 1100 mm width.
  • ORMA NPC DIGIT 6/95 SA-BA for our most demanding requests we produce veneered surfaces, laminates and HPL materials in our own heated press.


Premium exhibition service is synonymous with flexibility. We maintain our own logistics fleet to give our clients unparalleled optionality. Long-term partner relationships round out our capabilities to meet even the most exotic requests.

  • Packing and inventory of all stand components
  • Logistics cost optimization
  • Comprehensive shipping of exhibition stand and elements
  • Coordination and receipt of client goods, products, machines
  • Interface and streamline services and orders from exhibition venue
  • Track and receive all required items at the venue
  • Prepare and pack all containers and empties or storage at the fair
  • Organization of disassembly, packing, and multi-point return shipping


Ample near and on-site storage facilities gives you the option to scale your physical brand investment. Reuse custom made elements for subsequent exhibitions, corporate events, or any other brand engagements.

  • Three on-site storage facilities with rack inventory system
  • Two near-site storage facilities with easy, 24-hour access
  • Dedicated storage services and inventory manager
  • All forklifts, machinery, and infrastructure to ensure efficiency