Event and Spatial Marketing Careers.

Our mission is to connect people in spaces. We're looking for people who find energy in connection. It takes creativity, excellence, service, problem-solving, and international orientation to thrive at Beire. Boredom does not exist, and you will never work on the same project twice. Creating beautiful spaces around the world is magical, stressful, and enormously satisfying. 

Joining Team Beire

Delivering premium brand spaces requires a highly skilled and coordinated team. Beire is composed of talented professionals across a spectrum of capabilities: client management, project management, technical production, logistics, and administration. The team depends on each one of these capabilities to bring our absolute best to the development and delivery of each client project.

Why do we work at Beire?

Beire attracts highly competent, driven, and pressure-resistant people. Working in teams that think in solutions, positively, and consistently support each other provides the daily motivation to strive for outperformance. Everyone is endowed with the flexibility and autonomy to work creatively and efficiently. Growth and opportunity are hallmarks of the Beire culture.

Working at Beire also gives you deep insights into the business function of marketing, and specifically event marketing. By working on different projects across geographies and industries, you will quickly accumulate experience and insights into how some of the best marketing managers in the world think about their brands and brand story for different markets.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people who are passionate about spatial and event marketing, creation, and providing elite client service. People who seek diverse teams, want the responsibility of being depended upon, and want to operate internationally.

You should share our belief in the power of face-to-face connection and using technology to enhance live relationship building, not replace it. We want those people who constantly seek new challenges, strive for personal growth, and thrive on visually contributing to a team in pursuit of a single goal: client outperformance.