• Germany
  • Fakuma 2021 - Friedrichshafen, Germany
  • Plastics

The best story

Witosa, a producer of hot runner nozzles/Heißkanaldüsen wanted to show a world premier at the Fakuma. This unique product had to be presented to the world of injection molding in an impressive yet mysterious way, done with LED, fog, film and music. Witosa had two opposite spots this year, and the idea arose to create a labyrinth to present the new product to the world. The intention was that the visitor made a journey through the labyrinth and at the end of the journey a spotlight was lit up to show this new product to the world in a beautiful specially designed display case. After this adventure, the visitor walked out of the labyrinth with a view of stand number two, where the Witosa team received the interested parties to give more explanation. The new product had shapes like a honeycomb and we wanted to emphasize that in the design and use it elegantly. The advantages were the colors red and black. Because the colors of this new presentation did not match their corporate colors, we added some highlights to the second stand that connected the two stands.