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The best story

Pentair is the industry leader in water filtration equipment; the Industrial Filtration unit produces turn key solutions for breweries around the world. Beire created a new exhibition stand for Pentair in 2018 with two goals in mind: the stand could be re-used in the future and the concept would allow for versatility in the equipment display. Beire designed a two-part stand. The lounge area consisted of 150 square meters, with open seating near the bar and cafe, as well as VIP seating in the Craft Beer Corner. Behind the lounge were two private conference rooms. The second half of the stand was dedicated to the equipment display. The light box corners announced the company name and products. The interior exhibited the equipment, touch screens, and a demonstration area. The interior equipment exhibition was designed with the intent that the equipment on display would vary by year and exhibition, and would require only minor design changes.