Exhibition Overview: IFA Berlin "Consumer Tech meets IoT"

by the Beire Technophiles
Feb 21, 2022

From 1924 to today, IFA Berlin continues its tech legacy with the latest in smart home, wearables, consumer technology, and the ever more connected "internet of things."

Brief history and background:

IFA in Berlin is one of the most storied and important technology trade fairs in the world. This leading exhibition for consumer electronics and home appliances is the hub for prime retailers, buyers, distributors, journalists, and experts from tech-enabled industries.

The first edition was on 4th December 1924 as the Internationaler Funkausstellung Berlin (Berlin Radio Show). The event has since debuted landmark inventions such as the color TV, compact audio cassette, and the first cassette recorder. In the initial year, the event attracted 18,000 visitors, 242 exhibitors, and was organized in an area of 7,000 square meters. Its' popularity drew renowned inventors and scientists, and Albert Einstein even opened the event in 1930.

Recent additions have drawn as many as 240,000 visitors and 150,000 square meters of exhibition area each year. The year 2019 witnessed IFA operating at a packed capacity with 1900 exhibitors exhibiting their newest products and services on an area of 160,000 square meters.

Recent exhibition themes and trends:

IFA is the annual showcase of consumer gadget technology and innovation. Premier brands of home appliances, electronics, and technology unveil their latest innovations, which broadly fall in a few categories: Internet of things and consumer technology.

As the world becomes more connected, omnipresent connectivity or “the internet of things” (IoT) has become a large trend with connected refrigerators, ovens, security systems, and many other home appliances.

Wearables and personal health technology has become a large trend at IFA, with Fitbit filling out as much as a quarter of a hall with a premier exhibition stand. As drone technology starts to accelerate, many different companies and manufacturers from all over the world display different versions of drones equipped for everything from consumer photography to complex mapping.

Additionally, the IFA international market is a remarkable B2B platform that allows big tech service providers and consultants to meet distributors, manufacturers, visitors and exhibitors alike to exchange developments and innovation needs.

Notable exhibitors and visitors:

Among the imminent exhibitors at the IFA Berlin include the world’s main electronics manufacturers. Some of the noteworthy exhibitors at this trade fair are Canon, Philips, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Hitachi, Fujitsu Siemens, Epson, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom AG, LG, Panasonic, Sennheiser, and Olympus to name a few.

It also welcomes ~5,000 credentialed international journalists from around 70 nations in addition to tech enthusiasts and people who have a keen interest in recent technology trends. The event is also used to debut new releases to content producers such as podcasters, YouTubers, Ticktokers, and others with niche media followings.

Things to look forward to at the show:

IFA offers a common platform to research laboratories, renowned companies, start-ups, and universities for bringing forth new ideas and solutions to the home appliance and electronics industry. It unveils the latest tech and innovation while providing knowledge to the media and visitors in the field of recent tech trends.

With the participation of well-read buyers and experienced procurement executives in Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, and Consumer IT, the exhibition flaunts an all-inclusive range of new products, creativity, and guidance for an incredible experience.