Exhibition Overview: ANUGA 2021 - The food industry’s trend barometer gets ready to go again!

Beire Marketing
Aug 20, 2021

Every other October the food industry has its bi-annual meet up at Anuga. In 2021 the calendar again falls on an event year and with more than 7,405 exhibitors and nearly 169,653 trade visitors set to descend on Cologne show floor there will be plenty to see and do at this year’s Show. The return of the show is highly anticipated, so the Beire Marketing team thought we should take a look at what visitors and exhibitors can expect!  


Since 1919 the world of food and beverages have been converging at the preeminent industry show, ANUGA. That first show was held in Stuttgart, but in 1924 the showed moved to Cologne and has been its permanent home ever since. 2021 marks another milestone is the storied history of the exhibition. With international travel still limited due to the pandemic, the show has introduced a fully digital element to broaden its audience with the creation of Anuga@Home. This is an addition to show that we believe is a positive step and something we expect to see more exhibitions adopt going forward.

Core themes at Anuga 2021:

As a trend Barometer for the Industry, Anuga is where the food industry shares its latest innovations and product launches. Sustainability has been a big topic in the sector for a few years now and how we source and manage food waste continues to spark new innovations, so expect to see industry stalwarts and start-ups bringing new technology to the fore to meet this challenge at this years show.

Staying on the topic of food manufacturing, processed foods continue to be a part of most people’s diets. Much like sustainability, technology is playing a key role in how our food is produced and creating improved processes and product innovations to market, particularly meat alternatives.

Attendees & Exhibitors:

Anuga is organised into 10 trade exhibitions, all housed under one roof, thereby offering visitors a guided route through the exhibition center spread over 284,000 sqm. These individual halls are as diverse as the attendees with halls including a Taste innovation show, Halal market, Organic market, Dairy alternatives hall and a Retail forum to name a few.

Visitors describe this remarkable exhibition as nothing short of overwhelming, where the story of new tastes, international food trends, dynamic products, and an awe-inspiring trade fair.


The popular global trade fair is being held from 9th-13th October 2021 in Cologne, Germany. For the first time, the international industry get-together is being augmented by the latest Anuga@home, the new format for getting it digitally connected from 11th till 13th October 2021. Allowing exhibitors and attendees an opportunity to become a part of the Anuga, whether in digital form or on-site.

With crisis comes innovation, and it will be interesting to see how the industry reacts to the challenges presented by Covid, subsequent supply chain constraints and changing consumer attitudes to food production and waste. But one thing remains true, even after a century, Anuga continues to be a cornerstone within the industry.