Beire 360˚

Data and Analytics

Our Beire360˚ data solution provides marketing managers with a simplified solution to quickly quantify, report, and assess data metrics from the show floor in real time. Data is collected anonymously and in compliance with GDPR. 

Several of the expected report outputs include:

Cumulative Impressions and Footfall

Cumulative trade fair vs. booth foot fall. This analysis gives insight into exhibition impressions and performance over a complete event. Metrics include unique proximity impressions, unique booth visitors, cumulative proximity impressions, and percent capture. Using our benchmarks and analysis, we give you insights into the total number of potential visitors vs. actual booth foot fall, reflecting the overall quality of the exhibition and booth performance, respectively.

Visitor Heatmap

Visitor Heatmap. This analysis helps optimize booth activities and staffing levels. Marketers can use this data from a historical perspective when planning trade show staffing, or intra-show to optimize based on visitor flow by day and time. This analysis can help management optimize the value and impact of tradeshow activities during the planning stage: full vs. partial staffing, product presentations, subject matter expert availability, and promotions.

Hourly Impressions and Footfall

Hourly Impressions and Footfall. This intra-day analysis demonstrates booth impressions vs. foot fall within a single exhibition day. In contrast to the heatmap, which focuses on internal resource allocation, this analysis will provide insight into booth visitor conversion. Management will see how the booth performs relative to total trade show visitors, namely, how capture rates correlate to the number of total possible visitors. This can give marketers actionable data to prompt different tactics and strategies with their booth staff.