LogiMAT Exhibition 2022: 3S of Logistics (Smart–Sustainable–Safe)

Beire Marketing
Jan 11, 2022
International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management connects hundreds of exhibitors, who contribute to the latest solutions in logistics processes. Let's see what brings the show this year!

Brief history, number of visitors and exhibitors, interesting statistics:

This one of the largest intralogistics exhibitions held in Stuttgart, Germany (Europe), is regarded to be a global specialist exhibition for intralogistics solutions and process management.

The history of LogiMAT provides an unmatched snippet into the aspects of the intralogistics industry and its technological growth. From its humble beginning 18 years ago,
the exhibition has been a stupendous dais for advanced solutions, changing trends,
and technical viewpoints.

A place to observe the latest trends, and industry benchmarks, and a platform to exchange knowledge, the LogiMAT exhibition is and has been a smashing hit for all these years. Managing Institute Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, Dr. Michael Ten Hompel says LogiMAT has become a platform for change in the intralogistics industry.

A total of 160 exhibitors brought forth their innovations and solutions at the first LogiMAT with nearly 40% of them from IT, software, and identification processes.

Main themes for 2022:

Slated to be held from 31st May till 2nd June 2022, this international exhibition for distribution, handling of materials, and information flow establishes the latest standards as being the biggest intralogistics trade fair in Europe annually.

Exhibitors, as well as decision-makers from the service sector, trade, and industry globally, shall come under the same roof for seeking new business alliances. The trade fair provides the audiences with a wide-ranging review of vital themes in the sector, from procuring to producing and delivering. The exhibitors bring forth the latest dynamic processes, products, technologies, and solutions for systematization, process enhancement,
and cost-effective in-house logistics processes.

Who are the biggest and most prestigious exhibitors?

By exhibiting in LogiMAT 2022, Stuttgart (Germany, Europe), you can reach the global business segment while capturing exciting opportunities while extending you the chance to network with prominent investors and exhibition visitors.

Among the leading and renowned exhibitors from amongst a total of nearly 1572 exhibitors expected to participate in LogiMAT exhibition 2022 include the following:

IA Tapes GmbH, Germany

3i Handhabungstechnik GmbH, Germany

6 River Systems, USA

Ashwoods Electric Motors Limited, Great Britain

Abertax Technologies Ltd., Malta

ABG GmbH, Austria

AL-LIFT ApS, Denmark

Advanced Microwave Engineering Srl., Italy

AKL-tec GmbH, Germany

Ali Caster & Hardware Company Limited, China

Alitrak Srl, Italy

ALFATEC GmbH Fordersysteme, Germany

Apollo VTS, Netherlands

APS Automated Packaging Systems GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Avanade Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Avery Dennison Central Europe GmbH, Germany

bekuplast GmbH, Germany

CGI Deutschland, Germany

DAMBACH Lagersysteme GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


e-shelf-labels S&K Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

FAIRFIX GmbH Verpackungen & Transportsysteme, Germany

GCS Consulting GmbH, Germany

Strotchmann Machines & Handling GmbH, Germany

Securitag Assembly Group Co. Ltd., Taiwan

UniCarriers Germany GmbH, Germany

Trendfire Technologies GmbH, Germany

Yamaton Paper GmbH, Germany

Things to look forward to at the show in 2022:

The focus shall be on the latest dynamic products, systems, and solutions for production, warehouse, distribution, and procurement logistics. It will be an action-packed event with mind-blowing sessions and programs for more than 60,000 industry professionals taking part in it.

Come and join in to have a tete-a-tete with the global business segment to catch thriving opportunities. You will get to meet some of the high-profile trade show investors and potential investors exhibiting in LogiMAT 2022, Germany, the nation’s leading business marketplace for intra-logistics answers and process-based management. The trade fair displays handling and storage processes, packing and labeling systems, and outsourcing services, among others.